Hello everyone,

This is Dr. Ushasi Banerjee and this is my page.

To introduce myself I am a mental health professional; to be precise, a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 

Talking about my educational background, Psychology was an unknown discipline to me till grade XII. Hailing from a typical Bengali family, I was oriented with either Medical or Engineering- neither of which I wanted to pursue, due to my toxic relationship with Maths- but was left with very few options. Additionally, my father wanted me to study English for some reason, which is still unknown to me. I liked English, but not to the extent to pursue it for the rest of my academic life. I had to prepare for the entrance exams in the one year time, I had decided to devote in order to click any of the two streams, but success was  not guaranteed- hence I had to get a parallel admission to any of the general degree courses. So, quite casually, I had stood in the admission form line of a nearby college. I was always passionate about Science- in-spite of my relationship with Mathematics. So I wanted any of the Biology based subjects- either, Zoology/ Physiology/ Microbiology..! Strangely enough, by the time I reached the line, the forms had got exhausted-and we were asked to wait till the next lot arrives. I was already exhausted of the summer heat and chose to break the line, looking for a shade inside the hospital premises. A pretty woman sat there with some forms- I wasn't aware of who she was- she thought I was approaching her for a form from that discipline. She smiled and handed over a brochure and form to me before I could say anything. I was a bit embarrassed but still asked her, "Pardon me, Maam, but I am not sure if I am eligible for the stream." I was coming from a Pure Science background. She checked my marksheet and exclaimed, "You absolutely do." Now I was in a fix. I didn't even know what discipline she was talking about, but it was quite awkward to ask her this, NOW. I asked her "If you don't mind, what subject is it?" I don't know what she read in my expressions, but she was kind enough to say it patiently: "PSYCHOLOGY". A new subject, I told myself silently. But overtly I was all smiles specially after I got to know about the subject combination- it seemed that I had hit the jackpot- since FINALLY, my life seemed free from Mathematics (little did I know then about the Statistics paper!) After I reached home, I did a little research work on the subject- but I had already made up my mind. After a preliminary discussion with friends and their seniors who were studying Psychology, I thought of giving it a try. No harm in it, the subject combination was even stranger- I had got Botany and Zoology as Pass subjects. In our times we had 2+1 system, where in the first 2 years of the 3 years course, we had to study the Honors subject along with 2 general subjects and English, Bengali, Environmental Science, as allied subjects. Thus began my journey with Psychology. So I see it like this, Psychology chose me, rather than me opting for Psychology. And this marked the beginning of my journey with Psychology.

"You cannot fix a problem that you refuse to acknowledge"

- Margarette Hoffeman

A mental health professional with 10+ years of experience.

An experienced CBT practitioner with expertise in marital and family therapy. Obtained specialization in neuropsychology of neurodegenerative disorders ( training from NIMHANS, Bengaluru) and child and adolescent mental health  (Ph.D from the University of Calcutta). Attached with AMRI Hospitals for the past 10 years. Ex-clinical supervisor and trainer of RCI Registered M. Phil course, University of Calcutta.

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